Old-Hag White-Prider Dorothy MacBeth Brookes’ Ridiculously-Orange Face


Anyone else think it’s slightly ironic that DMB hates immigrants/people of “colour” but plasters on the fake tan like there’s no tomorrow? Christ, what a sight.

Oh, and the BNP lost its only remaining council seat in Burnley today.

BNP member Lady Dorothy MacBeth Brooke had Twitter talking, not about her views, but about her remarkable fake tan: (The Daily Mirror): http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bnp-south-shields-by-election-candidate-1867037

BNP loses its only county council seat: (The Guardian): http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/may/03/bnp-loses-county-council-seat


8 thoughts on “Old-Hag White-Prider Dorothy MacBeth Brookes’ Ridiculously-Orange Face

  1. the bnp will stop this small island from being flooded by foreners on the scourng
    while english people are sleeping on the street

  2. If this was a picture of a some wooly minded liberal preaching about freedom of speech and human rights etc no one would be insulting her. Her political views are hers, as yours are yours and mine are mine. So disagree with he by all means, but don’t be so blo#dy rude. Personally I think Harriet Harman’s very hag like, but I don’t insult her by saying it in public, well not until now…

  3. If she doesn’t display wisdom at portraying a public image with that tan, why would I think she is wise when it comes to immigration policies? That’s why this is an issue and why I think she’s an idiot.

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