Review of ANTIFA by Aslan AK (from Hip-Hop Duo Class Actions)

Aslan AK (MC in Class Actions) Salford, Greater Manchester (2013):

“Overly politically correct, liberal, do-gooder types degrade the left. I’ve always hated the ‘trendy’ types who always have to be PC and accordingly patronise the very minorities they claim to defend. These individuals have no concept of contexts and often pretend words such as ‘Nigger’ and ‘Paki’ don’t exist, without addressing the root causes of racism. They at times sound similar to holocaust deniers!


“Some do-gooders for instance criticise black rappers for using the ‘N- word’, without understanding in full the self empowerment groups such as NWA gave to the disenfranchised black urban youth by their reclamation of that racial slur. Enter Andy Carrington, a refreshing anti-dote to the aforementioned attitudes.


“Hailing from my mother’s home county of Yorkshire, Andy is a writer, poet and activist who over the past few years has made a name for himself in the anti-fascist movement. With books such as Paki Lover, Andy has gained a reputation as the writer the far right and the trendy do-gooders love to hate. His latest book Antifa (Revised Edition), looks set to further cement that reputation.


“Written in a direct but highly intelligent style, Antifa is a collection of poetry dealing with racism, fascism, class and beer! You’ll find sarcastic humour in poems such as ‘All of a Sudden EDL Members Think They’re Animal Right’s Activists’, Andy’s ridicule of attempts by the English Defence League to criticise Halal meat. Bring on the Vegan Casuals say I. If you’re a liberal you’ll find your whole ideology pissed on in ‘When Liberals become Militant’, as Andy say’s of an encounter with a violent racist ‘… I have this feeling that words alone will never be enough.’  Touching on themes in Paki Lover, the ‘P- Word’ explains very clearly the ‘difference between “BANTER” and being a derogatory arsehole.’  Please take note both racists and liberals. I also doubt few could disagree with the content and title of the poem ‘John Terry Is A Wanker’.


“Andy’s writings have been described by DJ Lord of Public Enemy as a ‘Straight Forward Damn Good Read’. Antifa is just that as well as Anti-Racist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-Sectarian, Anti-Zionist and also Anti-PC.  More of the same, please, Andy, if there were more like you then the left would finally get the working class support it craves.”

antifa revised RED FINAL FINAL

Buy ANTIFA here:


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