Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #47: The EDL’s Soppy Ode to Alcohol and its “Respectful, Welcoming” Nature

I was doing some browsing, and came across this hilarious self-declaration of the EDL/far-right’s calm, non-abusive drinking practices, as well as their open-armed nature towards foreigners (Moortown/Leeds Against the Islamic Centre Facebook page).



As well as thinking they know about proper ale, the EDL and Infidels now think they’ve got somewhat of a foot-hole in Leeds after their recent Moortown demo. They claim they have the backing of local residents, even though evidence obviously proves otherwise; and rumours have it the organisations are planning on having a Leeds version of the “March for England” protest (so another arse-kicking for them, then?)

These imbeciles fail to mention that their “demo” achieved absolutely nothing, though. Plans to build the community centre are still going ahead; and even though the EDL constantly whines that it is not a fascist organisation, their despicable practices on the day make it pretty damn clear that it is most certainly is.


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