REVIEW: Burnt Cross: Protest Punk (7″)



Brighton two-piece anarcho-punk band Burnt Cross knows how to give it to the listener straight. Brothers Rob and Paul Marriott only started making music in 2007, but they’ve quickly developed a dedicated following on the underground scene for their brand of angry, stripped-down DIY punk.


Protest Punk, the title of the band’s latest 7″ release, says it all, really: The lads are pissed off with the government, the state, the various hate groups, and are utilising their creative output to make a stand.


There are two unreleased tracks from 2008 and 2009 (‘Under Lock & Key’/’Won’t Back Down’) featured here, along with three brand new tracks that effectively channel their frustrations towards the direction of their targets. No time for subtlety: The songs on Protest are loud, quick and to the point.


‘Remain Compliant To State Control’ is a blinder of a track, dedicated to the spineless, obedient ones amongst us who give rise to corrupt cops and the rich elite. ‘Rise’, with its accompanying female vocals, just screams of angst, and contains the most impressive songwriting on the record.


The anti-fash track ‘We The People’ is the defining track for me, though, with its dirty guitar riffs, dominating drum beat and weighty vocals dripping with defiance. “The fascists bear the scars/ Of hate and insecurity/ And when the fuckers march/ They’ll come across our unity/” — brilliant.




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