Solidarity with Muslims and Anti-Fascists Battling with Ignorance Following the Woolwich Incident

In the aftermath of the Woolwich killing, EDL have gotten drunk and fought with police at the crime scene, various mosques have been targeted up and down the country, and people using the usual “I’m not racist, but…” lines have started to show their true colours.

Myself, along with others partaking in the anti-fascist struggle, seem to be fighting more and more of an uphill battle in light of incidents such as the one that took place in Woolwich, as well as the backlash of fascist hatred that has come with.

Now is more of a time than any for anti-fascism to take a stand to prevent further attacks and the spread of hate.


Here are some messages of solidarity:

Gary Duncan: “It’s worth remembering what motivated that crazy bastard to commit the crime. Countless Muslims have been massacred around the world by western governments, either through military barbarism or economic strangulation, and some (a small minority remember) have been radicalised to the point of vengeance. The solution is to stop the cruelty abroad and encourage racial harmony at home by opposing our own rulers and fighting for our class interests. Working class people – be they black, white, Muslim, Christian or whatever – need to come together to stop the rich elite in their tracks. Only by uniting can we make a better world. Let’s not turn to the reactionary and racist far right and create fascist mayhem; let’s instead build a working class movement of all colours, religions and nationalities, and stand firm against austerity at home and murder on foreign soul. FUCK THE EDL!! ALL POWER TO THE WORKING CLASS!!”

Steve DIY: “Sadly seeing a racist few posts regards the tragic murder of a soldier wearing a Help For Heroes t-shirt. What is that all about? You simply cannot tar every Muslim for the actions of what two people did today! What annoys me the most is pricks like the EDL are trying to exploit the situation and there’s far too many who are posting on rhetoric racist bullshit they really know nothing about! It seems the murder of the soldier was down to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. When American and British soldiers are killing innocent men, women and children out there then reality is you expect backlash. That is the nature of conflict. For me the hate should not be thrown at the Muslim community but at our Government for continuing a reign of terror in Afghanistan. To Cameron, Blair and Co – It is YOUR war. It’s the monster you created but haven’t the back bone to tame that beast. It’s YOUR actions that have led to that soldier’s death. It’s now time to sit back and learn from your mistakes and start to put things right. In doing so you save the lives of not just British soldiers but you also save the lives of Afghanistan people and you also save the lives of the British general public who also live in fear of retribution attacks. Fuck your war and the pain that it has caused. RIP to EVERYONE who has being killed, maimed or caught up in a conflict caused by dickheads in power!”

Hum El: “It really is time for Muslims to stand up against all forms of extremism. We need to start teaching people that extremism isn’t the way to paradise, that kiling another human really isn’t going to help you in your aakhira.”

Lesley Day: “Fucked off with knee-jerk ”hang them high etc” reactions from racist and bigoted bastards. You’re part of the problem.”

Deanna Saunders: “FFS I’m horrified by some of the negative posts I’ve seen regarding Islam! Can’t people get it into their tiny biggoted little minds that it is a tiny minority of Muslims who would support todays actions! I grew up during the IRAs reign of terror and can’t remember a hate campaign being leveled against the Roman Catholic church!”

Omar El-Sarah: “Let them wrong us. Let them continue to wrong us and lie about us and deceive the people with their derogatory terms and propagation. The truth will be manifest. The truth always causes falsehood to perish. The believer fights evil with good, so improve yourselves, your families and your neighborhoods and societies the way a Muslim should. Be charitable. Be helpful. Be kind. Be firm. Be unwavering. Be disciplined. Be steadfast. Control you anger. Be a light in the darkness. Aid the weak and the needy. This is the way of a Muslim. Fear no one but Allaah.”

Fletcher Christian: “MoD is, according to C4’s Snowmail, “working feverishly” to establish whether the victim was a ‘serving soldier’. Surely all they need is the name of the victim? Meanwhile the EDL, every swivel-eyed loon in Government and the media are working feverishly to encourage revenge attacks on people of (in the words of BBC nutcase Nick Robinson) “Muslim appearance”.”

Charlotte Ellery: “Christians aren’t epitomised by the acts and opinions of Westboro Baptist Church so why do people constantly define all Muslims by the isolated incidents of extreme individuals? Ignorant.”

Al Derby: “Solidarity with the lads and lasses in London tonight, stay safe comrades.”

Chetna Patel: “And so it begins, a sick and vile crime has been committed, the saying by Mahatma Gandhi, ‘an eye for an eye will make this world blind’ is so true.. The media has played it’s part in kicking up a frenzy and the edl has jumped on the bandwagon. The politicians have said fuck all and at no point have I heard them appeal for calm and we still don’t know all the facts! I just watched the news and there was no mention of the mosques being attacked. People still don’t get it, it’s not the religion… it’s people – and a minority of people that use religions for their own vile means. All religions will condemn this horrific act, at the end of the day people need to look beyond colour, race and religion we are all the same inside FFS people wake up!!”

Missy Tyria: “No one seems too interested in what happened.Would be more helpful to find out what happened instead of idiots shouting out randomly ‘Muslims’, ‘Terrorists’ and bollox like that. […] The crime is not the focus here, it’s the appearance and apparently the religion what’s the main point – as damn always.”

Simon Maslak: “We all know that “Islamic” terrorism exists, and it is in no way indicative of a religion or a people. Hence the quotation marks. The media is irresponsible in this because it does leave people thinking that all Muslims are terrorists, just like they used to lead people to think all football fans are “hooligans” or all disabled people are “scroungers” The media needs a bad guy to present the news like it’s bloody Star Wars or something. So, the people who did this are not Muslims, even if they claim to be, they’re cowardly scum who attacked an unarmed man on the street and nothing more.”

Rebecca Carrington: “Regardless whether the guy was black, white muslim or jew.. it doesnt matter why he did it or if the victim was a soldier or not this is fucking SICK and only someone EVIL would do something like that! i can’t believe the disgrace of humanity these days.”

Kevin Deegan-Hall:
“Either way it’s a heinous crime I feel for the victims family as they lost a loved family member. I am however annoyed and disgusted at all the racist rants I have seen since this crime was reported.”

Ismail Patel: “This is what the extremists want, a civil war, and the edl will go for it like a moth to a flame…..”

Mel Richards: “I thought that about the closet racists. Like a snake in the grass waiting to strike..This is the perfect opportunity for them to say immigration doesnt work. On the news earlier they were discussing the possibility of the Government tightening our borders. BUT, at least one of those guys had a South London accent….!!”

Ben White: “There’s no need for me to condemn the #EDL in the name of white British people, because no one will assume we’re collectively responsible.”

Philip Copley: “I’ve genuinely not seen the #EDL mention the victim once, they clearly don’t care a person has died today.”

Hannah McGill: “Whatever just happened, @BBCNews, it is entirely not OK for your correspondents to refer to anyone as ‘of Muslim appearance”‘.

Melanie Haslam: “Disgusted to see the EDL in my town tonight, exploiting what happened today for their own sick agenda. They don’t speak for me.”

Pete Hutcheon: “It isn’t the fact that I’m cleverer than the EDL that makes me better than them, it’s the fact that I don’t react without thinking”

Charlie Cat-Daddy Le’Travers: “Yeah he didnt mention anything about allah or being a muslim, he said about how violence like that happens everyday in their country. im sure he very well could be a muslim, or he could be like a huge proportion of the uk and international population who is sick of war, sick of being told their relatives have been killed, sick of their families living in camps. the issue needs to be taken up with the government, not the soldiers though.”

Sarah Asquith: “Many sympathies to the poor soldier in London. That behaviour is horrendous and unforgivable but let’s not forget that they were British born men who were extremists in their religion. There are extremists In every religion and culture, even Christian and Catholic.”


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