Still Think the EDL is a Non-Racist/Non-Fascist Organisation?

More recently at a demo in Newcastle, EDL leader Tommy Robinson, in another of his yawn-worthy speeches, attempts to make out his boys are unfairly being targeted by the media and anti-fascists for “being in the wrong”. Soon enough, one of the group’s top boys clearly says on the microphone, “Send the black cunts home” — with absolutely no interference from Robinson himself — provoking loud cheers from the crowd (this part was later edited out of the official video):

Countless times, Robinson and co attempt to make out that they’re the good guys, but even their leading members can’t stop themselves from spitting their filth in front of everybody.

Furthermore, here’s another video containing evidence that the EDL is far from the “non-racist/non-fascist” organisation that it declares itself as.

Clear, for all to see, are Nazi salutes from EDL members at the “support our troops” demo in London on Monday:

Oh, and don’t believe Robinson’s claims that a vile poster containing a meat cleaver with the words “no turning back” is nothing to do with the EDL, as he said recently. Here it is, for all to see, behind him at the same demo on Monday:

Not very bright, these people.


2 thoughts on “Still Think the EDL is a Non-Racist/Non-Fascist Organisation?

  1. Well done once again in your continued efforts to expose these scum for who they really are Andy, thank you, a thousand times thank you.

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