Just Some More Racist, Internet Bullshit #51: EDL Leader Taking “Mob” to England Vs. Ireland Game

Brought to my attention by AFA Ireland, Tommy Robinson will be taking a group of right-wing nutjobs with him to the friendly game between England and the Rep. of Ireland tonight at Wembley. In the run up to the game, the leader tweeted “Cos of all this abuse from plastic paddys we are taking a tidy mob to England Ireland on 29th”.


The last time the two teams played one another in Dublin (back in 1995) there was a large number of fascist football hooligans present. As usual, Robinson (whilst seemingly forgetting, once again, his Irish ancestry) is attempting to play the victim before anything has even kicked off tonight.

I hope that anyone not connected with the far-right filth enjoys the game and stays safe.


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