Statement for Essex Anti-Fascists on June 1st EDL counter demonstration in Colchester

Essex Anti-fascists

Today, Essex Anti-Fascists organised a counter demonstration against the English Defense League, who, in their first ever appearance in Colchester, had come to town to lay a wreath in memory of Lee Rigby, the soldier murdered in Woolwich in May. They claimed they’d only come to show their respect to a fallen soldier, but anyone who knows the EDL will find that hard to believe, especially when  the family of the victim said publicly last week that they don’t want extremist groups using his death to justify their actions.

At 12:30pm we started to gather at the Colchester war memorial – a statue that stands in memory of those who died fighting fascism in Europe in the 1940s – where the EDL planned to lay their wreath and hold a minute’s silence in memory of a man who had nothing to do with their racist ideology. The Castle Pub, which…

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