Anti-Fascist Solidarity in London


Below is a statement of gratitude from South London Anti-Fascists. It is aimed at all those who took to the streets on Saturday to counteract the EDL, BNP and an other far-right groups that attempted to hijack the death of Lee Rigby once again:

Having read this, I find it particularly encouraging to hear that the UAF stood by militants in London and did not cooperate with the police (as reportably was the case last week in Newcastle):

“We note that Weyman Bennett from Unite Against Fascism did not cooperate with the police to divide the antifascist resistance, and also many UAF activists joined us in forming defensive lines against the fascists and the police, this solidarity was welcome.”

As someone who has been critical of the UAF’s arrogance and choice of tactics when it comes to organising counter-demos, I feel this is definitely some positive news in light of the development of unity on the left.


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