Site of Proposed Community Centre in Moortown, Leeds, Now Daubed with Racist Graffiti

On the 4th May this year, the EDL went to Moortown to protest about a new faith community centre being built in the area. Time and time again, the organisation has claimed it is “not racist”, “only against the extremist Muslims” and “speaking out for a majority of the English people”.

Well, to just prove that the EDL is nothing but a hate-fuelled, racist, Islamophobic organisation that inspires nothing positive whatsoever, here are some recent pictures of the site where the proposed community centre will be opened:





(Source: Asian Echo)


6 thoughts on “Site of Proposed Community Centre in Moortown, Leeds, Now Daubed with Racist Graffiti

  1. I think the message is quite clear, don’t agree with the pakis part though, but apart from that, justified considering the impending invasion. This is the start of urban war.

    By the way, I bet you didn’t bother to cover a story on the horrific machete murder in broad daylight of one of our soldiers, Lee Rigby by a lunatic Islamic fascist scum-bag. The muder was probably justified in your eyes, wasn’t it?

  2. Stupid article.

    What do you think is going to be the reaction of even the most mild mannered people after a soldier is hacked to death in broad daylight in the middle of the street in soft-touch Britain? You think people are going to be praising Islam after the murderer was handing out Islamic extremist material after the killing had taken place? Or that the killer said this was only the beginning and that as long as troops stay in Afghan that more people are going to die?

    You really do not have a grip on reality and the points you are winning are on behalf of minorities who are overshadowed by the majority and mainstream opinion. When the war starts properly, you will be on the losing side.

    Think about it.

    1. Kind of predicted such a response.

      The reaction of “even the most mild mannered people” is only being influenced by the likes of scaremongers such as yourself.

      More like, you’re the one who needs a grip on reality. You’re so quick to take things out of perspective. Like my article said, the murder was tragic, but how many civilians have died by the hands of the British in the far-east? Of course, the Woolwich killing is a result of this country’s foreign policy, and while I definitely don’t agree with such a sickening re(action), this sort of thing has been coming.

      And please explain to me how Islam is “fascist”? Fascism is radical authoritarian nationalism — what part of Islam fits under that definition, exactly?

  3. The murder was tragic BUT. There you go again.

    Putting aside all your “racist, fascist” nonsense and it is nonsense because Britain was united in fighting against Adolph Hitler who WAS a real racist and a fascist who killed 6 million Jews. Hitler aligned with Muslims because they hate Jews too. There was even a Muslim SS death squad!

    What’s more important: looking after your own welfare and that of people close to you, or being primarily concerned about a foreign nation and culture with which you have no connection with and which the majority who exist there, no doubt hate your guts just for being a westerner?

    Islam IS a very fascist, politically charged, totalitarian ideology and is enforced by people like you who make excuses for all the bad behavior it’s followers regularly demonstrate. It doesn’t need nationalism to spread, it needs religion and it’s spreading at an amazingly alarming rate in it’s attempts to dominate.

    Get a real job, grow up, educate yourself, open your eyes, be a hero and oppose Islam.

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