Stop the BNP Meeting in Salford

We have had word that Salford City Council intend to allow the BNP to meet at Turnpike House at 8pm on Thursday 13th June.

This follows the cancellation of a proposed BNP meeting at Salford Civic Centre two weeks ago after protests were made to Salford’s Mayor, Ian Stewart.

Please could I ask those of you who supported us two weeks ago to do the following to try and ensure that this meeting does not take place:

1. Contact the City Mayor, Ian Stewart (0161 793 3432 or and Martin Vickers (as the relevant Council Officer) at to ask them to do what they can to stop the meeting (you might want to look at the email I sent below to help you with this).
2. Join us at 7:30pm on Thursday 13th June at Turnpike House, 631 Eccles New Road, Salford, M50 1SW to protest against this meeting and to make it clear that the BNP is not welcome in Salford.

We managed to stop this a couple of weeks ago, but we need to do it again.


Email to City Mayor, Ian Stewart and Strategic Director for Customer and Support Services, Martin Vickers

Dear Ian/Martin

I am emailing you to ask for your intervention to ensure that the proposed BNP meeting planned for Thursday 13th June at Turnpike House does not take place.

I understand that you are being advised that you have a legal duty to facilitate this meeting, but I am asking you to consider your other duties to the people of Salford.

As an employer Salford City Council has a number of policies in place to challenge discrimination. As a provider of services it is legally bound to ensure equality of delivery regardless of gender, race, sexuality or disability.

The BNP is an organisation that values none of those things. Wherever it is allowed a voice it uses that voice to preach bigotry and division. We only need to look at the response of Nick Griffin to the hospitalisation of Nelson Mandela last week to understand what will be discussed at a BNP meeting:

Please cancel this meeting. If you do so and there are consequences you can rely on the support of our UNISON Branch and doubtless anti-racist campaigners from across the city and beyond to support you. Please ā€“ on behalf of our diverse city ā€“ take this step and tell the BNP that they are not welcome in a Salford City Council building or anywhere else.



2 thoughts on “Stop the BNP Meeting in Salford

  1. From Cllr Howard Balkind. Thanks to all who turned up to protest. The BNP pulled out and held a private meeting elsewhere.

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