Immortal Technique/KRS-One Live @ The Ritz, Manchester (13/6/13)



The double headliner for the fortieth anniversary of Hip-Hop promised great things, and it delivered for the most part. Immortal Technique brought his usual angry, politically-charged rhymes with the support of Akir, Hasan Salam and DJ Static; while KRS-One stood confidently by himself at the front of the stage spitting classics such as ‘Black Cop’ and ‘Criminal Minded’, wearing a woolly Jamaican hat and scarf.


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4 thoughts on “Immortal Technique/KRS-One Live @ The Ritz, Manchester (13/6/13)

  1. The way krs humiliated that girl was awful, feminist my arse. How dare he tell a woman what she can and can’t wear. Coupled with his liberal use of the word “faggot” in his speech at the end , i left the venue absolutely gutted . Been wanting to see krs one for years aswell x

      1. During his speech near the end, i checked with my friend that i wasn’t talking bollocks or hearing shit. I suppose that can kind of be explained in that he maybe wasn’t being homophobic, and it just sorta came out? Though he seems like a man who would be very aware of words and their power. The way he treat that woman was horrendous though, made me feel sick mate. Immortal technique was brilliant, as was krs-one to a point. I’d been looking forward to this event for fucking ages, i love krs. Just felt shocked by his tell women what to wear brand of ‘feminism’.

        Good poems btw

  2. Hmm, I didn’t hear that. I don’t believe he would’ve used it in the offensive sense, though, if he did say it. I’ve got a lot of respect for KRS, and he is a powerful speaker, even if not everyone agrees with him.

    And thanks for the compliment, man.

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