Review of ANTIFA by Jay Sebastiano

antifa revised RED FINAL FINAL

Jay Sebastiano (Vocalist/Guitarist in Cats Don’t Have Souls) Staten Island, NY (2013):

“Andy Carrington is a working-class guy I can relate to on a multitude of levels.
He’s a normal, everyday guy who finds himself becoming sick and tired as ludicrous levels of bigotry, racism and nationalism that have become the norm all around. I recently picked up his book, ANTIFA, a collection of poems, prose, thoughts and rants that tears right into what seems to be plaguing not only the UK (where he hails from), but much of the corporate owned world. Yeah, I said corporate owned world, and that’s exactly what it is.

“Whether he is digging in on the publications eaten and absorbed by the low information public (‘Sell Your Lies’); arguing with a hired killer over who is really ruining the country (‘Things that Were Said to an Ex-Armed Forces Friend’); shitting on the chests of racists/Nazis; or occasionally crossing the pond to let some of that dook cover the faces of the hypocritical American empire, Mr. Carrington goes in. A bit brash at times, but how could one really expect someone to pour sugar on such unsavoury topics anyway?

“This is reality, and while he generally speaks in regards to the suburbs of Bradford and surrounding UK areas, the topics are universal. The focus is primarily upon the nationalistic, anti-immigrant/racist aspects of fascism, although he does stab away at the consumer/TV culture that has been pissed down peasants’ throats by the ruling class. It is true that pacifists will often find themselves trapped in web upon web of debt by pursuing their credit card dreams and buying shit they don’t need.

“He tells all, and I must say, has a huge set of balls for doing it. He tells the story of his first job working for a credit card solicitation company, admitting the dehumanization that he felt in the process. But have no worries, as he is no sell out, and that was something that happened early on in his life; like a top man, he gave the company the finger.

“And however much he may admit to being “a part time skin” in one of his poems, in some ways his aesthetic reminds me of the SHARPS here at home (a very respectable thing if you ask me). I get the impression here that Andy is a working-class guy, struggling to survive, while fighting for what he KNOWS to be true. His rage is executed in his works, and the world very much needs a reaction like that. Ideas will last longer and influence more minds than throwing bricks through windows, stomping bigoted assheads, or lynching some sociopathic, political whore (though I must say, I wouldn’t particularly object to any of these things happening, either).

“Andy excels at thinking, and it makes sense that he should plant some seeds for the benefit of us all. In his words, you can feel the discomfort of living in a world that seems to be following the path of least resistance. You can feel the anger from feeling like one of the few human beings to actually have any morality or rational thought; and you can relate to the experience of living in country divided, manipulated and looted at the expense of the people. All that’s going on in my country, too, so thanks, Andy, for speaking out.”


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