End of the Line for Phi-Life Cypher?

Since dropping the classic album Millenium Metaphors back in 2000, I’ve been known to brag to my mates about how good Luton-based Hip-Hop act Phi Life Cypher really is. The boys have been quiet in recent years, though, as I mentioned in a previous blog; and via a recent video blog courtesy of Life and DJ Nappa, it would seem that the group has been experiencing some inner conflict.

Addressing the issues in the video below, Life talks about how fellow rapper Si Phili has been stealing royalty checks and making excuses not to perform music, which has led to the group carrying on with just Life and Nappa. It would seem that this is the end for the group, which is a great loss to British Hip-Hop, but I really do hope that Life and Nappa carry on making music.


2 thoughts on “End of the Line for Phi-Life Cypher?

  1. There’s always two sides… Don’t believe the hype, just cause someone who is hating says something in the Internet doesn’t make it true… Stealing royalty cheques my arse… Anyone ever met them knows phili ain’t ’bout that.
    From what I see phili been hated on.

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