Nazi Roy “Bogbrush” Cotton Planning White Power Music Event in Pontefract

A Neo-Nazi music event is to take place in the small market town of Pontefract, West Yorkshire, next year. This is set to attract many racist/fascist individuals with violent, far-right connections.


Promoted as a “non-political” Oi! event, there is various bands on the roster who have links with extremist, white-power organisations like Blood & Honour and Combat 18: ;

Close Shave, one of the headliners, has denied, on various occasions, its far-right connections in order to get more gigs. Many promoters, record labels and other Oi! bands in the punk scene, however, are very aware of the band’s sympathies towards far-right Nazi groups and make an attempt to stay clear of them.

Sid the bassist from CS was previously a sound engineer for Blood & Honour and the band played several gigs supporting Skrewdriver — the most “prominent” white-power band that reached its peak of popularity in the 1980s. CS also played many other far-right gigs during that time: ; and has homophobic lyrics that call for the hanging of gays:

Every year in Blackpool there’s a “secret” gig for fascist bands who aren’t welcome at the Rebellion festival. Close Shave is regularly part of that line-up; not only does the band play, but it has a part in organizing it.

Pressure 28, fronted by Kev Gough, is another headliner, and just as bad. The anti-fascist organisation Hope Not Hate has written an article exposing the lead singer’s Nazi connections: ; and there is further information about his fascist background via this link:

Kev was also part of the football hooligan firm Fine Young Casuals, which helped orchestrate the Oldham Riots along with members of the BNP and Combat 18.

The organiser is a Pontefract resident: Rob “Bogbrush” Cotton, who claims the gig is nothing to do with politics; it’s merely a celebration for his daughter’s birthday.


Contrary to that belief, here is Cotton is to the left of the stage at one of the tribute gigs to Skrewdriver’s Ian Stuart: Cotton can also be seen sieg-heiling in this video, about 3-4 people from the front, wearing a leather jacket, next to his mate with the Mohawk: (at 1.50 you can see him doing the salute quickly).

Cotton has openly denied that he’s a Neo-Nazi in the Oi in Pontefract Facebook group, and deleted various evidence presented to him that proves otherwise. He likes to send threatening messages on Facebook when he gets hot under the collar (, even though his missus, Deborah Chaddock, has openly admitted that her man isn’t much of a fighter:

(Nazi Cotton and his missus)

The gig was originally planned to be at the Wetherspoons pub, ‘The Broken Bridge’, in Pontefract, but due to myself and other anti-fascists raising awareness of what type of event this exactly is, it won’t be happening at that venue. The far-right morons are now making out the gig has been moved to the ‘Turk’s Head’, even though that place has been closed up for quite a while now. Updates will follow.


7 thoughts on “Nazi Roy “Bogbrush” Cotton Planning White Power Music Event in Pontefract

  1. I hate to be ‘that guy’ but the Turks Head doesn’t exist any more. It’s a block of offices and has been for some time.

  2. don’t reproduce a full advert for a white power gig, if people aren’t reading properly they might mistake it for antifa or genuinely apolitical skin gig

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