Roy “Bogbrush” Cotton Still Gobbing Off



I was given till 9am this morning by Roy “Bogbrush” Cotton to remove the post about his planned white power music event and the threat I received from his daughter. After this hilarious attempt to bargain with me, Mr Cotton then decided to twist the facts and claim that I had somehow threatened his family (when no evidence given) and then began threatening my own:



Fascists thrive upon violence and picking fights with family members of their opponents — that’s just the level they feel like they need to stoop to in order to win.

On a related now, here’s two pictures of Cotton that I was sent yesterday by an anonymous source. Notice the Skrewdriver flag and Nazi salute of his comrade. Says it all really: The man’s a far-right bigot and proud.

(Cotton, second left, grinning with Nazi admiration)



3 thoughts on “Roy “Bogbrush” Cotton Still Gobbing Off

  1. Dirty nazi bastard, hope he gets a good hiding from somebody real soon, only to be expected when you are in that mindset. Trying to pass a white power gig off as just a get together for his daughters birthday haha, idiot. Any more news or has he given up?

  2. Cheers for showing my artwork off! Bit childish slandering him ain’t it? Just as bad as racism. Everyone goes to those gigs because they’re supporting the bands coming from miles away. It’s just an excuse for a drink and music. Not heard any nazi talk at any gigs I go to!

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