Simon Scott: Fascist Internet “Badman”

Simon Scott seems to have a major hard-on for me. After I blocked him a while back for sending a shit-load of abuse via my blog and Facebook, he has undertaken the alter-egos of various Facebook pages just to get back in touch with me.


Here’s a few things the wannabe-gangster said as the admin of the Yorkshire Infidels page (which has now, unsurprisingly, been taken down):










Aww, bless him and his little fascist following:


8 thoughts on “Simon Scott: Fascist Internet “Badman”

  1. Andy can you explain a few things for me?
    1) Where are you hiding when Anjem Choudary is spouting racial and religious hatred?
    2) Where are you when our soldiers are being abused and spat on when returning from fighting our war?
    3) As an “anti fascist” why do you feel the need to restrict free speech just because you do not agree with it (quite a fascist trait)
    4) Why is it predominantly antifa supporters being arrested for police assault and disorderly conduct?
    5) Do you still believe multiculturalism is a good thing even when those who implented the policy have since admitted it a failure?
    6) Can you explain your position on the antifa member who blinded the nurse during MFE in Brighton?
    7) Could you lastly explain why when no police are around and say five patriots bump into say 10 antifa the antifa always look like scared children though online they had been dishing out threats and abuse. Then the same antifa will indiscriminately throw bricks bottles etc into crowds as soon as the police have the patriots kettled in?
    I would appreciate your response to the questions and I apologise if my spelling and grammar are not top notch but I truly am working class I never had the benefit of my parents paying for university placements.

    1. 1. Choudary is a cunt. The difference between us and you lot is we’re smart enough to know he doesn’t represent Islam and the majority of Muslims.
      2. Same answer as above applies.
      3. It’s nothing to do with “free speech” or censorship, as you may claim. You are free to spout your beliefs; racial/religious hatred, however, is a crime, and there’s no justification for that. And we will not provide you a platform to spout such filth, either.
      4. Any facts to back up this statement?
      5. Yep, from personal experience, I quite enjoy multiculturalism. I enjoy a good curry, Italian and donner kebab from time to time. I’m guessing you do too?
      6. Again, evidence?
      7. I’d say it was the other way around. Antifa go hunting for fascists regularly at demos. It’s the fash who tend to give it the big “come get some” whilst hiding behind a large police presence.

      And I’m working-class, too. I’m just not thick.

      1. You asked for evidence twice is that you just avoiding the question or are you just turning a blind eye to aggression on antifascist violence? You also say we spout racial hatred which is as you pointed out a crime so why are we not arrested on the spot?. You also claim antis regularly go hunting “fascists” why not make a phone call and meet away from police lines? Are you ready for the new breed?

  2. Left wing fascists like yourself like to use you’re education to try and belittle the working class. How many antifa were arrested at tower Hamlets as opposed to EDL? Who was arrested for throwing the brick that blinded the nurse in Brighton? What group was he affiliated with? ? You always claim to be going to smash right wingers but throwing bricks and bottles from a distance indiscriminately into crowds of men women and children is not smashing anyone! There is a group formed who have promised to bring the fight to antifas doorsteps do you feel they have the right considering that you are legitimate targets because of your threats and brick throwing? ? You are an educated man can you do math? If there are 1 million muslims in England today and muslins outbreed everyone else 4-1 what percentage will they be in 2050? Again you are educated so you know Muslims MUST live according to sharia law, now we all see what happens in places like Syria, Iraq, Iran etc, are we to believe when muslims are 30-40% of Britain certain Arabian behaviour will not become normal? Do you agree with sharia law? Do you agree with FGM??

    1. Blah, blah, blah, get back in your closet, you deluded little fascist. I responded to all your shallow points and you are still yet to provide any reliable sources; and, thus, have resorted to the same, old, boring insults.


    2. I can do maths. Though I don’t really need to bother as the calculations you propose are futile. Muslims do not (in anyone’s fervid imagination but your own) outbreed by 4-1. I know a great many Muslim couples who have 1 child or two. I know several who have none through either choice or medical reasons. Even those that do have large families are statistically more than matched by white British couple who are either Catholic or in pursuit of benefits. Added to the influx of (again largely Catholic) Eastern Europeans and Muslims will be hard pushed to increase their percentage of the UK population by more than 2 or 3 percent in the course of the timescale you speak of.

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