EDL Plan to Gather @ The Wakey Tavern on Saturday in Wakefield


For the EDL’s “demo” this coming Saturday, word is the fascists have been granted permission to gather at The “Wakey Tavern” pub (formerly “Zeus”) on Lower Warrengate, just down from Wetherspoons’ “The Six Chimneys”. The pub will be supplying EDLers with drink from 10:30 in the morning, up until about 12, where they will then be escorted by the police a short distance to a part of trinity walk for a static rally. “Demo” plans to end around 2pm.

Here’s the venue’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Wakey-Tavern/241040235966409?fref=ts

The pub’s phone number is: 07887 566523

And here’s a couple of links on the web to leave reviews:
http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/60166/ http://www.pubutopia.com/pubs/W/Wakefield/Wakey%20Tavern/#.Uo30BnDGyAI

Be sure to let the venue know what you think about its plans to host a fascist organisation and profit from it.

It is worth nothing, also, that the EDL could well be using Saturday as a possible recruitment exercise after one of their members, Gail Speight, lost a court case against two local Asian men for assault recently. The EDL isn’t quite dead yet, so it’s important that the community stands firm in the face of the EDL for this one.

(Sources: Leeds AFN; We Are Wakefield)


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