The Truth About “Britain First”…

Honesty Is Free

In November 2011 a parasite was born. I say born, it’s more of a re-incarnation of a parasite that’s been around for years.
This parasite was burning books in Nazi Germany and in Madrid, 1936 the parasite said Hemos pasado“.

The parasite i am referring to (in this modern context) is the “political party” Britain First.
With over 200.000 followers on facebook and a skill for capitalizing on people’s fears and love of bacon, anti-fascists like myself, up and down the country are being very cautious about this group.

Let me give you some background information on the grubs that don the Britain First logo.
Started in November 2011 by Jim Dowson and Paul Golding who are both ex BNP party supporters and members, they no doubt saw the BNP as too soft an approach to all things they don’t like, so they left and started Britain First.

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