Richard Kemp & Mark Carlton — Two of the Mob Who Attacked Anti-Fascists in Sheffield

Shortly after the EDL marched through Rotherham on the 10th May, 2014, a number of anti-fascists went over to Sheffield to have a drink in The Howard pub (opposite the train station). They were met by a number of EDL members who were already there; and after a tense face-off, a couple of the EDLers called for back-up and began attacking the anti-fascists. There was no serious injuries on the antis side, despite being outnumbered.

Two of the EDL mob from that day have now been identified as Richard Kemp, from Halifax, and Mark Carlton (real name Mark Johnson), from Huddersfield. Kemp has been in trouble before and identifies himself as a “punk”, despite his obvious admiration for the EDL, Infidels and others on the far-right; while Carlton/Johnson likes to brag about being beaten up on social networking sites. The two are pictured below:

(Richard Kemp; Facebook profile here:

BoBq1h0IQAEGhhs.jpg large
(Kemp after visiting Brighton for the March for England)

(Mark Carlton/Mark Johnson)

(Shot from Carlton/Johnson’s FB account)

(Update: Sheffield AFN have also published a blog confirming that another man, Derek Hemphill, was arrested on site after the attack on anti-fascists. Hemphill is perpetrator of domestic violenceand has been ordered by court to stay away from his ex-girlfriend. Here he is (pictured left):


Others involved include: Mark Larden (Sheffield), Leanne Johnson (Halifax; Mark Carlton’s partner), Wayne Robertson (Greenwich, London), Graham Thompson (Sheffield), Hayley Ellis (Leeds), Adam Storey (Sheffield) and Adam Repton (Nottingham).


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