What’s Going on at the Anti-Britain First Office in Bradford?


News broke in the Telegraph & Argus last week that new anti-fascist headquarters had opened up in Bradford to counteract the rise of Paul Golding’s far-right group Britain First. This interested me, so the day after reading the article I thought I’d head down there to have a look for myself.

The shop front, despite stating opening hours 1pm-5pm, Monday to Friday, was all locked up when I got there. So I left a few stickers and my phone number, then headed off.


I then got a text, about three days later, stating that the Anti-Britain First page had been hacked, but the place would be opening the following day from 1pm.

Next day, I headed down there, again, to find that the place was all shut up… again. So I texted the number that had contacted me previously and I shortly received a reply:

“The organisation has closed down. Problem solved. Britain First no more, check our page. We got to the bottom of it.”

Surely not, I thought, the whole purpose of the organisation is to bring down a Facebook page? If so, that’s the strangest campaign and victory I have ever heard. (By the way, the Britain First page is still active with nearly 4,000 likes).

I was suspicious. Thinking that maybe this was a setup, I left and went home to have look at the Anti-Britain First Facebook page. Some of the status updates were very strange, to say the least. The admin(s) even went as far as saying Paul Golding wasn’t in charge, and a 90% of Britain’s First members had come over to join them!

A further status update went on to say the page had been hacked:

“Dear Supporters

We are very sorry our accounts once again have been hacked …. We have just realised now all these posts are false.

Our organisation has not been closed or shutdown yet,

We advice all groups against racism and fascism to join our organisation, and help is run our network as we have unprofessional people in charge of our pages,

That has been all lies, posted on our pages.

Anti-Britain First”

But I remained unconvinced, especially seen as though I had been texted from the headquarters’ mobile number stating that the organisation was done and dusted considering what they had already “achieved”.

Today, same again, some really weird status updates:

“We will let u no the outcomes by tonight about the office closing or opening. We have recieved over 10,000 inbox messages to keep the office open, please share us your ideas, on how we can run this organisation, we are unprofessional people put in charge from our leader, due to that he doesn’t trust people with suits on they only here to empty your back pockets.”

(28/5, 17:00)

“We Love Britain and we love The Queen of this Country and we love the people of Britain,

“We have been told by our network members, every single secret agency in the the world is watching our posts, also We have been told by our network members, members from the Royal Family’s around the World are reading our posts.”
(28/5, 16:40)

“We also give a great thanks to all the mafias around the world for giving our organisation Support.”
(28/5, 16:35)

“Dear Supporters and Fans

We give another Great thanks to all of you, for helping us day and night, sacrificing your sleep and loosing your jobs and getting our post reached Worldwide,

We Have been told by our Network Members today that our post are now reaching all the people from every Jungle around the whole World,

We love you Supporters and fans we don’t no how to thank you, also do bear in mind Money is Just a Piece of paper.”
(28/5, 16:30)

So what is really going on? Seems to me to be a combination of really bad organisation and a fair amount of bullshitting.


2 thoughts on “What’s Going on at the Anti-Britain First Office in Bradford?

  1. Greetings. I’m glad I found this blog as I have been following the strange developments on the Anti Britain First Facebook group and have a theory. I’m 90% sure that the page (and several others related to the site) are under the control of a guy called Joshua Bonehill-Paine (A Neo Nazi loving fantasist and Troll who came to my attention a year ago)… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-26375545
    JB has a long history of setting up fake groups and profiles on social media designed to deceive and manipulate others. He has a string of RIP pages on Facebook which he uses to promote his politics and he even set up fake accounts which professed to be the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby. For a while I had a suspicion he was behind the pages due to the content (an obsession with blaming Zionism for all the worlds ills and large amount of bought likes despite the lack of member interaction and repeated attention from suspicious “puppet” accounts are both his trademarks.) Some of the strange subjects mentioned in Anti BF mirrored those in JB’s other sites and Groups. Although JB has stated that he believes Britain First to be a Zionist backed group which he opposes he has adopted many of their tactics on social media. Some of the posts are encouraging people to target “Zionist” buildings which I believe is an attempt to get “lefties” and Muslims to carry out his dirty work. The consequence of this could mean a prison sentence as he was warned that similar behaviour would result in this…
    My suspicions were as good as confirmed when he shared a meme depicting Paul Goulding on Anti Britain First which had appeared on his “National British Resistance” page. The Meme was pretty distinctive and now I’m 90% sure that Bonehill is responsible. There is plenty of info about JB online if you have never heard of him. I just thought I’d share my thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Cheers, Ian

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