You go where you want? Don’t make me laugh. Part 2 – Cricklewood


So today North London Antifacists called for resistance to a march held by the South East Alliance in Cricklewood.

No Pasaran was the message

About 25 -30 fascists turned up at Kilburn station to be led towards Cricklewood following a police van and surrounded by police.


Further up the road the Antifascists, local community members and union members waited ready to stop them. The wait had began.


As soon as the blue flashing lights of their police chaperones and the tips of their England flag could be seen the antifascist community moved across the road and blocked their path. The Right wing fascist tell us they go where they like. No you fucking don’t !


The road was blocked for as long as it took for the police to realise we were not going to let the fascists pass. The flags came to a standstill and they moved no further…

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