Laurence Easeman: Russell Brand’s Pal, Nazi Sympathiser, Bailiff

Laurence Easeman Truth

safe_image.php Laurence and Russell – Best Friends Forever?

At the time of publishing, Laurence Easeman was due to speak at the London launch of Russell Brand’s new book – Revolution, alongside human rights activist Peter Tatchell and Brand himself, amongst others. As anti-fascists who have been investigating Easeman for some time, we decided it was time to publish. This posting is a collective effort by this group of anti-fascists.

Will the Real Laurence Easeman Stand Up?

Laurence Easeman, who is he? Well you may get a different answer depending on who you ask. There are lots of people who seem to think, not least himself, that he is a “man of people”, a tireless champion of the poor and disadvantaged, people who are in debt and who are being hounded by bailiffs and debt collectors, someone who knows the law and how to take on those bailiffs and debt…

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