‘People are Dying in Ferguson Right Now’ (Poem for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown/All Victims of Police Brutality/Murder)

black life matters

People are Dying in Ferguson Right Now

Another black man shot
another black man gone
might as well say BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER
when white cop kills
gets paid
walks away, looking all smug.

Cops are supposed to protect
but who protects people from the cops?
If it’s not Trayvon Martin
or Michael Brown;
it’s another kid in a hoody
getting shot

White/black – it doesn’t matter
the people are pissed
and hate the pigs:
too many guns and shields
the state’s corrupt

and way too overpowering.

With just a few bricks and stones
opportunists start to turn on their own

CNN‘s turn next to blame Ice-T
and those other “GANGSTA RAPPERS”
for youths getting angry.

But they never blame the state
where violence in uniform is justified;
where gangsters live as legal.

Of course they never do.

To them, we’re all “NIGGERS”
in our working-class ghettos
acting dodgy
and always looking for trouble.



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