Poem: ‘God-Damn Broken Wreck’

For Mum.


‘God-Damn Broken Wreck’

The call came in
from a mate
and I just wanted
to get out of there.

Sat at the bar
a whole two hours
before we were supposed to meet

I sank cheap cocktails
and double shots of bourbon
before stumbling into town.

I never really liked the stuff
but I was punishing myself

for all the times I was selfish
and couldn’t bear seeing you.

That wasn’t you
listening to Green Day
and watching The Weakest Link

you were just lying there
with tubes in you
(you couldn’t even talk).

I’m sorry I didn’t hug you

and the stench of piss really started
getting to my nose.

And I’m sorry
for all the times I refrained
saying I love you, Mum”

just because I was your son.

(from S.O.P.H.I.E./The World Might Not Live Through the Night — coming soon).


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