Poem: ‘Capitalism Got Worse (with Age)’

(pic source: unknown)

‘Capitalism got Worse (with Age)’

It’s not just the young lad in me.

Wrestlers were nut cases
and more showmen than now

Saturday morning TV
used to be good

and action films had proper stunts
where people got killed.

Video games weren’t about all these bits
and pixels
and loading times

computers were just a tool
(we didn’t use em in every aspect
of our lives).

I used to like going out
to the video, record or game shops:
buying from the bargain bins
or renting what I couldn’t afford.

Now there’s a Tesco
or Starbucks

an endless amount of phone shops;
Subway, Greggs or KFC on every corner.

I’m not even hungry
or bothered about about having a phone

coffee costs more than it’s actually worth

and there’s nothing new
I think about buying.

Might watch an old film
or put on some vinyl

got work in the morning

bosses are greedy
and took away most of the fun.

(More poems here: http://www.andycarrington.co.uk/poetry)


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