10 Min Film Review: BREAKDOWN (1997) starring Kurt Russell

Following on from the Jurassic Park film reviews I did, here’s a ten minute, stream-of-consciousness write-up of this pretty enjoyable thriller from the late nineties.

Same rules as before apply: I write whatever comes into my head during the allocated time (as long as it’s specific to the film). Edits only occur to correct factual information and misspellings.


Breakdown (1997)

Kurt Russell stars as a normal guy with a broken down car in some Redneck desertside. Russell’s on-screen wife goes missing, and he gradually earns himself a set of balls to track her down and flip the script on the bribing bastards who’ve taken her.

Apart from a couple of nice people, the whole town is corrupt, including the police force, and he barely gets any useful input from anyone.

This a typical ’90s by-the-numbers action-thriller (car doesn’t start; a trucker pretending to be helpful is obviously dodgy; and mobile phones always seem to run out of battery at the WORST time). Russell holds it all together pretty well; Kathleen Quinlan stars as the wife; and Rex Linn makes an appearance as a cop.

Not bad at all.



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