Eating Crisps for Breakfast: Transform-a-Snacks

Crisps. I like crisps. There seems to be a distinct lack of decent ones around these days. The twats behind Frazzles changed the recipe at some point, making them a shadow of their former self; I can’t seem to find BBQ/Prawn cocktail Wotsits anywhere; and Walkers are just, well… meh.

Transform-a-Snack, however, are shit hot. Really, they are. Easily an 9 out of 10 for bag size, texture and range of flavours. I’d show you what the actual crisps look like, but I polished em all off. I often like to eat 2-3 bags on my way to work each day. Think Space Raiders but bigger and better. Suitable for veggies, too…

#SupportTheCrispRevolution and buy these when you see ’em.



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