10 Min Film Review: SABOTAGE (2014) – Schwarzenegger


For starters, the characters are awful here: Typical white-trash caricatures. This would be fine in the “typical” Schwarzenegger films, but Arnie seems more serious than anyone in this one. It’s actually a pretty decent performance from him, even though the script can’t decide if his character is supposed to be a good guy or bad guy.

The script does have its fair share of random moments:

– (a coroner shouting “BOO YAH!”)

– Sam Worthington’s supposed-to-be-serious monologue getting cornier by the second

– and a romance angle that doesn’t seem believable in the slightest

There’s a scene where Arnie and co somehow don’t get nicked after walking out of a house full of people they’ve just killed (right in front of the cops). There’s another scene that involves Arnie getting drunk, smoking a cigar and watching the tape of his wife being brutally murdered (and it’s not the first time he’s done it).

Weird tone to the movie. Real weird.

Then there’s the final-final action set piece which sees Arnie going nuts in Mexico with just a pistol on him. As enjoyable as this is, it just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the film.

Come on, David Ayer, you’re capable of better than this.




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