Days Spent in the Company of Vinyl: #4: 7L & Esoteric: A New Dope


I bought A New Dope on CD when it first came out and didn’t take to it too well.

It’s a lot different from 7L & Esoteric’s older stuff (clue in the title). Rather than the straight, heavy boom-bap sound of before (The Soul Purpose/Dangerous Connection) there’s a more sample-heavy, electro take on the production.

I was on Discogs one night and noticed the (2x) vinyl was going for £8 so I thought I’d give it another go.

It’s coming up to ten years since the album got released and it seems to have gotten better over time. I like it a lot better than I did when I first bought it.

Some real gems on here that I can’t believe I overlooked.

Check this:

(I wish I knew where the main sample is taken from. Any ideas?)

I’ve had the album on repeat over the past three days. Kool Keith’s on a couple of tracks; and Esoteric goes completely nuts on the likes of ‘Eso Ain’t Shit’, ‘Daisycutta’ and ‘3 Minute Classic’.

A New Dope is a lot of fun.

And the cover takes inspiration from old boxing promo posters, which is pretty cool.


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