Days Spent in the Company of Vinyl: #6: Jedi Mind Tricks: The Lost Children of Babylon: The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness (2013 Reissue)


Jedi Mind Tricks’ first LP (longest title ever) before Stoupe lost his edge for making beats and Vinnie Paz put too much emphasis on “gangsterism” in his rhymes.

This album had a limited release in 1997 on a different record label, I believe, and recently got this re-issue vinyl release on Babygrande Records. The remastering is cock-on; and the whole album has a dark, contemplative/paranoid feel to it.

Vinnie Paz was best with his vulnerable rhyming style. After JMT’s sophomore effort, this is probably their best.

This vinyl edition comes in clear-red. There’s also an extra record made up of six bonus tracks, where the production switches to a more classic ’90s, boom-bap sound.

Perfect with a joint and cup of Rooibos tea.


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