Just done a 14 hour shift, so, yeah, I’m treating my ears to some fucking vinyl.

Something a bit more on my level of knackeredness. Not boom-bap; something else. I’m shattered and more than likely the back will be done in again in 6 hours’ time when I get up and live my life on repeat, in a daze. Need some form of stimulation for a couple of hours at least.

So, yeah, I’ve gone for an Indian film soundtrack. Random choice, maybe, but so what. I’ve been called a TRAITOR TO THE ENGLISH enough times that I’ve lost count, so might as well roll with it. Besides, there’s just so much music out there. Music I’ve never heard of; or bothered with (all countries considered). Can’t be ignorant in this.

I first heard Qurbani at the girlfriend’s a few weeks ago. I was knackered then as well, and it was around the same time in the morning, but the attentiveness was still there. We didn’t speak to each other for a good half hour, sharing a smoke, having a brew, listening in. I didn’t even know what record she had put on. Never heard of the film or seen it. Then a 12″ square came in the post a few days later.

And it weren’t that X-ecutioners album (I’m still waiting for); but this rather pleasant Bollywood soundtrack from renowned composer Kalyanji Anandj (yep, I know who he is). Wikipedia tells me that the first track ‘Qurbani Qurbani‘ was written by  Urdu poet Faruk Kaiser. Wikipedia also says, Indian-born, England-based produced Biddu composed 2 of the album’s 6 tracks, despite many people apparently being against him for the country he resided in (there aren’t any sources to back any of this up, like).


I’ve seen some versions of the album with 7 tracks; others with 5. This has 6: ‘Qurbani Qurbani’, ‘AAP Jaisa’, ‘Hum Tumhe Chahte Hain’, ‘Laila O Laila’, ‘Kya Dekhte Ho’ and ‘Baat Ban Jaye’.

All the tracks are nice, esp. ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’. I’ll read up on the English lyric translation one day and might end up disappointed. But this is a real feel-good joint, sung by Nazia Hasan, with more than just a hint of enthusiasm.

And the vinyl crackles a lot. It’s an oldie – 1979. This I like.

This I like a lot.

(EDIT: And yes, I’m very aware I’m starting to sound more and more like an old man.)


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