Days Spent in the Company of Vinyl: #9: Czarface (7L & Esoteric/Inspectah Deck): Every Hero Needs a Villain


This is less a review than it is an expression of my admiration for good music and being entertained. There is plenty of praise for this album out there already (have a gander, if you really want to); this time is being utilized to test the speakers, smoke and enjoy a boom-bap superhero fest purely for the sake of it.

If you have no idea what the hell I’ve just said, you probably haven’t heard of Czarface. It’s a 3-strong team consisting of underground veterans 7L & Esoteric (Boston) and the Wu-Tang Clan’s highly respected Inspectah Deck (Staten Island). The 3 first collaborated on the track ‘Speaking Real Words’ back in ’01 (see vinyl below); they reunited for the self-titled Czarface debut; and returned with their larger-than-life bottle on the sophomore album, June, this year.


Essentially, this is a comicbook soundtrack pieced together on an MPC with a load of aggressive rappers thrown in the mix (Action Bronson, Method Man and RA the Rugged just some of those getting in on it). Forget the social commentary; this is all about wordplay, tongue-in-cheek humour and pop culture samples/references.

‘Deck and Esoteric are on fire with the rhymes; 7L’s beats are nasty; and the whole throwback ’90s vibe has a fresh spin on it. This is 2015, but it sounds like ’94 all over again. Expect it doesn’t. Get me?

Just enjoy the record. I am. And be it that Mp3s are crap, it’s a blessing to PHYSICALLY OWN this album in vinyl form (with the added bonus of an actual comicbook included).

Music is much a physical presence as it is a stimulation of the senses. I like that I am able to get hold the damn thing, take the record out the sleeve, give it a bit of a dust off; put the needle on, watch it trace the grooves; then have a quick browse through the insert/comic as it goes off through the speakers.



The experience should be hands-on and personal (I already nearly spilt my Irn Bru over it).

This edition comes in a clear ivory colour. There was a limited blue and red alternative released on that came bundled with stickers, a cd and t-shirt, but it was over my budget.

Haven’t properly read through the comicbook yet; but it’s pissing it down outside, the 2 vinyls are getting flipped every 10 mins or so and the ashtray’s filling up nicely.

Give thanks to the bad guys for their courageous entertainment.



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