Days Spent in the Company of Vinyl: #10: Gravediggaz: 6 Feet Deep


I grew up on a lot of Wu, but never really got round to listening to any of the Gravediggaz stuff (RZA’s horrorcore group from the mid-’90s). The amount of group albums, solo albums and affiliate albums coming out the time from Wu members probably distracted me, and I must’ve overlooked.

Talk about dark; and razor-fucking-sharp. Joint-produced by Prince Paul and RZA, this record came out in ’94 on Gee Street, got re-released in ’97 and had a limited re-press in 2014 (in Australia).

What I managed to pick up here is actually a bootleg; and a really good one at that. The whole album’s been pressed onto a sorta clear/cheesey-spunk coloured vinyl (not sure if this is unique); and the cover’s identical, albeit slight differences in the small print.

The “proper” record goes for £40-£50 (couldn’t afford that), so settled for this. It’s nice pressing, sounding pretty much on par with some of the newer Hip-Hip albums I’ve got in the crates.

You barely get a minute to reflect on the lyrics and concepts, the production’s so heavy. A proper banger, with paranoid/aggressive lyrics that you’ll need to listen a few times over for the full impact.

Favourite tracks inc. ‘Death Trap’, ‘Bang Your Head’ and ‘Diary of a Madman’ (w/ Shabazz the Disciple).


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