Spark Update and Some Thoughts on Poetry

Rupert Dreyfus

Hello all,

The final manuscript for the Spark paperback is almost finished so I’m hoping to have it out there either late June or right at the beginning of July. The Morning Star will be reviewing it in due course and I’ll be sending a handful of copies to people as promised. Unfortunately I can’t give as many away as I did The Rebel’s Sketchbook because I’m more broke than Zac Goldsmith’s ego at the moment. I would like to say, however, that if you have already read Spark and are waiting for something new then rest assured that you won’t be waiting too long for my second novel. It’s called Broke and I’m now over the halfway line. I’ll be putting it out just as soon as it’s ready.

I have also added Pyongyang Selfie to my Goodreads profile with a link which allows you to read the story for free (or click here if you want to read it)…

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