Crohn’s [Disease] Diaries PART 1: So it wasn’t Liver Damage after all…

I was rummaging through some old writings. Came across these short diary-like entries from stints in/out of hospital 6 or 7 years back.

These began at a time when I was pretty vulnerable, with no proper diagnosis of the developing illness I had. Gradually, over the weeks, I became more and more aware of this “CROHN’S DISEASE” and started writing about its day-to-day struggles/speculating a lot about its causes.

To this day, Crohn’s has no known cure, but it is more common than people think.

Just no one ever talks about it.


[Each entry is how it was when I wrote it, except maybe for a few spelling/grammar edits. Don’t use them as a guide; they are merely the experiences of a patient coming to terms with an illness (written mostly on a variety of different meds.)]


> Part 1: So it wasn’t Liver Damage after all…


Most of my mates will know that over the past few weeks I’ve been complaining a lot about stomach pains. After constantly being told to “shut the fuck up and go to the doctors”, I finally made the effort to go to my GP; kindly giving her a blood and stool sample.


Two days later, back at work, I collapsed, and had to be rushed to A & E in Harehills (Leeds). After 9 hours of telling the same story over and over again to numerous doctors, I finally got a bed for the night to sleep off the pain until the morning, on a drip.


Two weeks later, I am now here at my dad’s house with mixed emotions. Apparently my symptoms – abdominal pain, diarrhoea (which may be visibly bloody), vomiting and weight loss – are nothing to do with my drinking habits (as first thought), but in fact those of “CROHN’S DISEASE” – an inflammatory bowel disease that is believed to be genetically-linked.


I just find it strange that, from what I know of, there is no history of this disease in the family. Neither do I smoke (or have I ever) which, apparently, increases the risk of developing the disease.


It’s not life threatening at this stage; and I’ve been put on a variety of medication to ease the pain (including some little red steroid pills, which I’m popping 8-10 a day).


At least the biggest fear of never been able to drink again hasn’t come true. So I shall celebrate this freedom with a whisky, I think.




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