Watched TYSON (the Movie) again…


Probably the most honest documentary I’ve seen.

James Toback restricts the camera to Tyson’s point of view (often spending a good 5-10 mins on various one-shot edits), giving him room to rant, break-down and reiterate the size of his ego.

I read Tyson’s autobiography a couple of years back, which goes hand-in-hand with the no-punches-pulled kinda style here.

At the surface, Tyson may appear simple and often disgusting (he describes a “fellatio” encounter in detail), but he speaks off the cuff for much of the interview parts; and his stories feel real.

Sure he had issues (who fucking doesn’t?), he was pissed-off at most people, bit some other fighter’s ear off (Holyfield should’ve quit head-butting), but he wasn’t a monster (and I don’t believe he ever raped Desiree Washington).

A lot of people hate him; others are still on the fence.

Whatever. This is a solid documentary that opts for realism over spectacle.

Tyson’s upbringing/relationship with Cus is the driving point; the storytelling is direct and gritty; and the old fight scenes bring back memories of a time when the fighters were true brawlers, the heavyweight division had its fair share of characters and boxing wasn’t so fucking boring to watch (like it mostly is today).


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