Crohn’s [Disease] Diaries PART 7: Intensive Care

I was rummaging through some old writings. Came across these short diary-like entries from stints in/out of hospital 6 or 7 years back.

These began at a time when I was pretty vulnerable, with no proper diagnosis of the developing illness I had. Gradually, over the weeks, I became more and more aware of this “CROHN’S DISEASE” and started writing about its day-to-day struggles/speculating a lot about its causes.

To this day, Crohn’s has no known cure, but it is more common than people think.

Just no one ever talks about it.


[Each entry is how it was when I wrote it, except maybe for a few spelling/grammar edits. Don’t use them as a guide; they are merely the experiences of a patient coming to terms with an illness (written mostly on a variety of different meds.)]


> Part 7: Intensive Care
(Part 6 HERE)


4 nights ago I was taken by ambulance over to the (specialist) LGI in town. No one was really telling me what was going on, but I collapsed within 5 minutes or so being in my new room after doing a really-bloody shit all over the floor.


Legs just went; and 3 nurses were desperately trying to lift me up from all the mess, padding away at my arse with cloths.


Then the doctors came flooding in, all with clipboards, whispering amongst themselves, while all the time looking at my stomach.


I can’t remember much of what happened next except for waking up completely dehydrated, in pain, and unable to focus on any of the bright lights.


I heard some guy saying my name over and over, but my eyelids could barely open; and I had absolutely no clue what time/day it was.




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