Crohn’s [Disease] Diaries PARTS 9 & 10: Moved Again/2 Steps Forward 4 Steps Back

I was rummaging through some old writings. Came across these short diary-like entries from stints in/out of hospital 6 or 7 years back.

These began at a time when I was pretty vulnerable, with no proper diagnosis of the developing illness I had. Gradually, over the weeks, I became more and more aware of this “CROHN’S DISEASE” and started writing about its day-to-day struggles/speculating a lot about its causes.

To this day, Crohn’s has no known cure, but it is more common than people think.

Just no one ever talks about it.


[Each entry is how it was when I wrote it, except maybe for a few spelling/grammar edits. Don’t use them as a guide; they are merely the experiences of a patient coming to terms with an illness (written mostly on a variety of different meds.)]


> Part 9: Moved Again
(Part 8 HERE)


Out the HDU into Ward 61 (the specialist gastro ward).


This time, some generous patient before me decided to leave their TV behind; and my Dad came in a hooked a 2nd hand Wii up.


Now I can exercise (without any wires).



Part 10: 2 Steps Forward 4 Steps Back


More tubes have been put back in after the majority of the draining ones were taken out.


Getting nowhere it seems.


Emotions getting the better of me. Body looks a mess (now weigh just less than 9 stone); with more scans, x-rays, blood tests, changes in medication expected by tomorrow. I’m just knackered and want to sleep.


Some days they let me eat; others I mostly just suck on a sponge for water. Can’t stop throwing up (even the meds don’t stay down for long).


I keep buzzing the front desk for more Morphine and Cyclizine, but the majority of them seem to ignore me. All I can hear is laughter in the corridors; and arguments over who’s working the busy shifts over Christmas.


I envy healthy people.





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