It Might be a Shithole but it’s Our Shithole


Somewhere in Bradford
(photo credit: John Bolloten,


It Might be a Shithole but it’s Our Shithole (Poem)

BRADFORD (my home)
is in West Yorkshire
and it’s a lot more happening than LEEDS

neighbours lounge in big leather arm-
chairs in the middle of the street
and have fridges in their back-

big dogs off leads / sometimes even Tigers.

The townspeople come alive at night, living off the booze
and awesome
curries [1]

wheelie bins often pop up in random

while the playboy Dons like to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest
zooming by in their flash
cars (whatever the time);
and the pigs are at their most obvious pulling
young lads
over in the early hours of the morning just to get their stats

You might see the occasional rat knocking around the abandoned
buildings in town

but the random cats are always on guard

and guaranteed, you’ll encounter a racist

tutting, eating
a kebab

fumbling around trying to spray-paint “EDL
in LISTER PARK / on somebody else’s

MANNINGHAM LANE used to be a posh place, I’ve heard some people

but I still like it. The footy ground’s there (BC gets the crowds)

some good boozers / a TOYS R US (open till 8)

and the Shisha places let you smoke
inside (fuck the Police).

Don’t believe the hype: we don’t breed terrorists
here (that’s just the white folks in the outer suburbs
talking). “BRATFUD” – my home –
has some of the friendliest / weirdest people you will ever
get to meet (FACT)

and still everyone enjoys a good rant
down the barbers / local
taxi rank

or in the T & A comments section

where everyone speaks the language

and whatever the shitty weather, FORSTER SQUARE
is always packed
(with someone to lend a fag).

The ODEON’s still standing (just about)
and everyone’s going crazy about the new BROADWAY ;

but 1 IN 12 CLUB is where it’s @

and take your pick for a decent fish n chips shop
– there’s plenty.


[1] personal recommendations include: Kashmir, Karachi, Bharat and the Sweet Centre (Lumb Lane).


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