* Correction Note: APATHY WILL KILL US ALL

It came to my attention recently that there was an error in the first batch of APATHY books going out (pg 33 (paperback) / 32 (digital)).


To those of you who may have come across the — unfinished — poem ‘LISTEN TO JAMES CAMERON’, and were probably wondering what the fuck I was going on about, let me explain:

There must’ve been a mix-up somewhere along the lines (I’d like to blame the printers / those who helped out with the proofreading / editing, but really I’ve only myself to blame). The draft poem somehow stayed in there and passed under my radar during the closing stages of publishing.

The release has now been corrected / updated; and the next batch of books to be printed will be free from this balls-up.

Apologies to anyone who caught this error (must be my apathy kicking in).




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