Bedroom Max – Rupert Dreyfus

Politics and Insights


An introduction to Rupert Dreyfus

My friend Rupert writes pretty spectacular, sardonic and transgressive fiction, (a genre of literature that centres on characters who feel oppressed by the norms and expectations of society, and who rebel against those imposed confines. Usually written from a first person perspective, too), which he uses to make insightful observation and incisive social and political commentary, blended with a distinctive brand of iconoclasm and sharp, dark wit.  

No-one at the moment is doing more to break down the artificial divisions in writing – between the arts, literature, social sciences; realism, surrealism, social and political satire, commentary, alternative narratives and dissidence – than Rupert.

He also writes for the arts and culture section ofScisco Media and the occasional polemic for Consented.

He says: “Prior to the rise of the internet, artists of all stripes have previously been locked out of a nepotic creative…

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