Trying to Break in

… the daily writing grind …



They said they couldn’t pay


but wanted me to write an article.


That paper makes millions


but can’t spare a few quid to give us some bread.


Only got to Uni on the grant from my dead


Fucked that up

(never did like writing)


couldn’t find a decent job


couldn’t find any sort of job


got sick / scrounged benefits


mood: lazy


feeling sorry for myself


left alone, wishing I knew how to write poetry

for a living.





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Indicator’s Right There

… road rage poetry …

Seriously, how hard
At the risk of sounding so law-
abiding, you’re bloody
idol, mate.

if you weren’t on the phone / skipping
through your shit
music / cutting
up / back
and forth between
all 3
you wouldn’t have to use
it as much

– but for fuck’s sake, use

Don’t be an ignorant twat.

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Indie Author Interview No. 6: Harry Whitewolf

indie revolution

Confession: when I was first approached by Mr. Whitewolf a couple years back (has it been that long already?) to check out his poetry collection “New Beat Newbie”, I was more than a little wary. Poetry? I hadn’t really read any poetry (besides Bukowski, who doesn’t count in my opinion) since high school and let’s be real – studying force-fed poetry in high school fucking sucked and I’ve been traumatized ever since.

But oh how wrong I was! Whitewolf is actually a real-life word sorcerer/warlock/dragon, because anyone who can reference and rhyme “govern-cunt” with anything is flipping brilliant and has gained my everlasting admiration. Seriously though, Whitewolf be spitting some hot poetry fire and you all should check out…

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LAF Statement on London Attack

“Our comrades from the Anti-Fascist movement and even from our own group are currently fighting on the front lines near Raqqa, the capital of ISIS. They are their fighting with an international brigade formed of all nationalities, religions and genders.”

London Antifascists

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 13.26.58

On March 22 there was an attack outside Parliament that has killed four and injured many. No sooner had this happened when Tommy Robinson, former leader of the EDL appeared at the scene of the attack to rave about a clash of civilisations and a war with all Muslims. This was swiftly followed up with an announcement of a march planned by Britain First in London.

The truth of the matter is this. These so called patriots are delighted that this has happened. This one fanatic has given them the opportunity they desired to try and start a conflict in society drawn down racial lines. They would seek to rebuild their failing movements off the blood and tears shed by ordinary people, they would use this attack to justify their own brand of jackbooted terror against the Muslim population of this country.

But we will not let them.

Our group…

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