(More Stuff Found in the Loft): Old N64/Nintendo Gaming Magazines

Back when OFFICIAL NINTENDO MAGAZINE ran in its early years, it went through various name changes, such as Nintendo Magazine System, Nintendo Magazine, Nintendo Official Magazine then, briefly, Nintendo Official Magazine UK (SOURCE: Magazines from the Past)

This is the full set from the NINTENDO MAGAZINE era, issues 54-68 (Mar 1997-May 1998) that ran in the UK.

(bad camera phone)

All the magazines are genuine (not copies) and have been well looked after (coming from a stack of old magazines I found rummaging in my Dad’s loft recently).

The magazines have their pages intact and are in GOOD CONDITION (apart from the obvious creases to the spine/corners that you’d expect to find on magazines of this age).

The majority of the magazines have their booklets/game guides included with them. However, there are a couple that don’t.

Skint/the usual craic, so flogging the lot on eBay. Here’s the link:


and a run-down of the magazines, issue by issue so you can see clearly what you’re getting:


– Issue 54 (MARCH 1997): Mario 64 cover/launch issue (with Super Mario 64 Essential Player’s Guide and double-sided Mario/Turok poster included) *COMPLETE


– Issue 55 (APRIL 1997): Wave Race 64 cover (with Star Wars Shadow of the Empire Essential Player’s Guide/no poster)


– Issue 56 (MAY 1997): ISS 64 cover (with Turok Essential Player’s Guide included) *COMPLETE


– Issue 57 (June 1997): Star Fox 64 cover (with ISS 64 Essential Coaches Manual included) *COMPLETE


– Issue 58 (July 1997): Mario Kart 64 cover (with Mario Kart 64 Tips Book included/no poster)


– Issue 59 (Auguest 1997): Goldeneye 64 Cover (with Blast Corps Tips Book inluded) *COMPLETE


– Issue 60 (September 1997): Extreme G Cover (with Doom 64 Complete Survival Guide included) *COMPLETE


– Issue 61 (October 1997): Diddy Kong Racing (with Multi Racing Championship Driver’s Guide included) *COMPLETE


– Issue 62 (November 1997): Duke Nukem 64 cover (with Lylat Wars (Star Fox) Pilot’s Guide included) *COMPLETE


– Issue 63 (December 1997): Diddy Kong Racing cover (missing Nintendo All-Star Battle Cards)


– Issue 64 (January 1998): Legend of Zelda 64 cover (includes missing Goldeneye Field Agents Manual/poster)


– Issue 65 (February 1998): Yoshi’s Story cover (includes Duke Nukem Survival Guide/double-sided Diddy Kong Racing poster) *COMPLETE


– Issue 66 (March 1998): Quake 64 cover (includes FIFA 98 Coach’s Manual) *COMPLETE


– Issue 67 (April 1998): World Cup 98 cover (includes Fighter’s Destiny Masters’ Combat Manual/no poster)


– Issue 68 (May 1998): Turok 2 cover (includes Yoshi’s Story Player’s Guide) *COMPLETE