Interview and Spotlight with Punk indie author Andy Carrington

Illustrating Words

I came across Andy Carrington’s work via GoodReads. I had interviewed Harry Whitewolf and he liked and shared the post. After that we became acquaintances. Andy’s bio and his books got me all curious. I have always been a non-conformist, so the ideas behind his book titles and covers were something I assimilated with. I think we live in a world where the systems have failed and Andy, like Mr. Wolf and R. Dreyfus are some of the few who are representing this indignation through works of written art.

I haven’t yet read Andy’s books – yet, but have added them to my to-read list. However, some good friends of mine at GR, have read and left excellent reviews of his material. Without further ado, you can read here an interview we did these past days.


1- When did you start identifying yourself with the punk lifestyle and ideas?

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Football For All – Why We’re Crowdfunding

Since the start of the Football For All project in 2014, we have had overwhelming support from our supporters on social media. Quite simply, i don’t think Football For All would be such a success without that support. Not only has social media allowed us to spread the word about the project and get more people involved, but we’ve also had some amazing donations of football boots, old football shirts that we could put to use and also ran competitions to help us raise funds to pay for new kit.

The project itself has become self-sufficient in the last 12 months, something which we are extremely proud of. Due to increased participation last year we even started to operate at a slight ‘profit’, which we were always conscious of. We don’t want to be running the project for a profit, so we lowered the cost of participating and then established a…

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